Children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb, a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children born in one's youth. Blessed are they whose quivers are full. They will never be shamed contending with foes at the gate. ~Psalm 127:3-5

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Did I just threaten the pizza delivery boy's life?!!"

One evening this past week we had a major storm in my area and our power was out for a few hours, making it impossible to cook dinner. We had originally planned to go to the store and get some food to make but since the power was out, we opted to spring for pizza. Joe called his friend that lives nearby and asked him what pizza places were good around here. We don't have regular chain pizza joints like Dominos or Pizza Hut but the small specialty shops are even better anyway. His friend suggested this place about 10 min. down the road and we called to order 2 medium pizzas.

The guy taking our order told us it would be about 1/2 hour to forty five minutes. At this point, it was about 5:30 and I was a little hungry but not too bad and it was earlier than we usually eat dinner so I wasn't so worried about the kids needing to eat right away. But then 6:25 came and we realized we hadn't gotten our pizza in the time that was given to us. So Joe called and the manager was a little evasive and said "Oh, he's leaving right now. Bare with us, we're a little busy." Joe told him to hurry up and asked him how much longer because he has a pregnant wife and two young children that need to eat and we can not make dinner for ourselves because the power is out. The guy informed him it would be maybe another 10 minutes at the most. So, 10 minutes came and went and before we knew it, it was almost 7. By this time, I was shaking because I was so hungry and the kids were crying because they were hungry and we didn't even have any snacks to tide us over! (We really needed to go to the store!)

So Joe called back. The guy said he didn't know where the pizza delivery guy was and he'd call us back when he found him. He didn't call back. Joe called again after another 15 minutes passed. He informed the manager that we would not be paying for the pizzas and that he needed to take the pizzas off our bank card that we had given him over the phone when we ordered. The manager said he was too busy to do this. Finally the pizza boy showed up and the pizzas of course were cold. I was so upset and out of my mind from not just regular hunger but pregnancy hunger, that wonderful feeling that you're about to pass out and your mind is a big blurry mess and you can't think straight and I don't know about anyone else but I get irate over everything!!!!!

Joe argued with the boy about taking the bill off our bank card and the boy said he would have to come in to the shop and do it, that they couldn't do it right then. He also told Joe he could come in and get two free pizzas instead but wouldn't give him anything to prove he could do this. I told him to tell the boy to leave the cold pizzas but to go and get us 2 new hot ones and bring them back as well and that would be our free pizza. I don't think that agreement was exchanged and finally the cold pizzas were brought in and the boy left.

I immediately started cutting up a piece for our son Aidan and was trying (not very well) to stay calm as I bantered on about how stupid I thought Pennsylvanians are and how no body around here ever seems to know what they're doing and how I wanted to move "home." Five minutes later, the boy showed back up and informed Joe he hadn't signed the credit slip. I told Joe not to sign it and he got into an argument with the boy about it. The boy then asked him why he had to make things difficult and at that, I lost it!! I was so hungry and so angry at this point that I stormed into the living room and told the boy shriekingly that if he didn't leave right now, I'd kill him!! And I slammed the door in his face. I don't even really remember doing it so much as that it was me that was doing it, rather I felt like I was watching it happen. I was so crazy!!!

After I got pizza in me, which was really cold and kind of gross but would've probably been good if it had been hot, I realized what I did and felt bad. "Did I just threaten the pizza delivery boy's life?" I asked my husband in shock. I didn't feel bad just for having threatened the boy but also because I totally went crazy in front of my kids and while they might not have noticed being the age they are now, if they were older, they definitely would have noticed. I don't like feeling like I set this horrible example of how to deal with a problematic situation such as what happened that evening. But at the same time, I wonder why does hunger and especially pregnancy hunger, make me so crazy? And how do I make sure that if I ever am that hungry again, I don't snap like I did over that pizza being so late? It doesn't just happen to me, either. I've witnessed many other hungry women, a lot of them pregnant, going nuts over stressful situations. Or maybe not even stressful situations but a happening that could've been pretty innocent but in the hazy mania of a hungry person's mind, it was not innocent at all.

I know that this is not how God wants us to set examples for our children and that we need to learn to be patient with people that upset us. And I know there are always going to be situations that don't pan out in the exact way we might like them to and that there is a proper way to deal with our disappointment or anger over this. But in a situation like mine where hunger was a major factor and I have always been susceptible to being cranky when I don't eat every few hours anyway, how do I avoid acting on the crazy hysteria I feel when things are even the slightest bit irritating? Is it just that I have to be responsible enough to make sure my blood sugar is always at the norm and I am eating every few hours as I need to?

I am wondering if this isn't right along the same lines as avoiding temptation, as we are called to do. Avoiding temptation all together, not allowing ourselves to be in a tempting situation and then trying to battle our way out. I think that it is kind of the same with this hunger thing. I know that if I get put- or put myself- in a tempting situation, there is a really good chance I will not make it out, that I will give in. Just like everyone. No body is totally immune to temptation, no matter how strong they think they are or how strong their faith is. But here, in the hunger situation, I think that I have to make sure to avoid the beginnings of hunger all together because I know there is a good chance that the end result, which is usually getting crazy upset with the closest person (usually my hubby or children), will not be avoided.

I think back to that evening when we ordered pizza and I know I should've probably scrounged for something, anything, to put in my stomach while we waited for the pizza. And yes, it still would've been annoying that the pizza was so late but I probably wouldn't have threatened that poor delivery boy who stood open-mouthed as I slammed the door in his face. I was so nauseated, I just didn't want to eat anything but I should've made myself find something and eat anyway. It is a funny story in actuality but at the same time, it's not. I scared some poor teen-aged boy and I set a really bad example for my children. I hope I can remember this the next time we order out if it ends up being a little late.

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Mary Palkovic said...

Hi Becky. As you know, I had a similar pregnancy hunger episode, after which I felt horrible, just like you. My advice would be to do just as you said - don't let yourself even get into that situation to begin with. Eat when you don't want to. Tell your husband to make you do it. Take care of yourself. Oh, and, maybe you should send that boy a letter of apology, care of the pizza place.