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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cloth Diapering

I am crazy, this I know. We have started our adventures in the wonderful world of cloth diapering. Before this endeavor started, I thought that the cloth diaperers of the family were crazy. I used to get links from my oldest sister that would take me to pictures of diaper covers and along with the links would come descriptive words for these diaper covers like cute, adorable, amazing, wonderful...blah blah blah. I never really could imagine why anyone would be so excited about diapers and their covers. My younger sister would talk about breathing in the clean diapers right out of the dryer and how great it was....


Diaper covers with duckies on them? "Yummy" smelling diapers right from the dryer? Hello...what planet are you living on?

Then I started cloth diapering.

This was just a week ago and already, I'm a fanatic. I LOVE cloth diapers!!!!!!!!!! Too many exclamation marks, you say? WELL, if you cloth diapered you wouldn't think so. It's a totally different world and it is LOVELY!

First, there is the cost aspect. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to spend like $60 or more a month on disposable diapers when they could buy cloth ones for much cheaper. Cheaper in the long run, I mean... Not right at first when you're initially getting your feet wet.. We spent $160 (this included shipping) on diapers, covers, diaper lotion potion and all the little accessories we would need just to initially start.. BUT, the diapers we bought will last probably at least until she is 5 or 6 months, maybe longer if she doesn't get too fat and 2 of the diapers will go into the toddler stage with her. We are thinking about investing in more of these kind, as they are the ones with which you get more bang for your buck! The covers will also last a long time. And, even when she outgrows the other diapers, we can use them as 'doublers' for night-time or long car rides, etc..

Second, there is the waste aspect. I figured even if we put her in 1 diaper a day for a year, that is 365 diapers just for her...Doesn't sound like a lot, does it? Well, who only puts 1 diaper a day on their baby? We probably put 6-10 diapers on her a day, depending. So, we'll take the middle # and say 8 diapers a day for a year is 2,920 diapers from 1 baby for 1 year! I heard somewhere that something like 50 million diapers go into the landfill A DAY. First of all, that's disgusting..all that poop sitting in plastic diapers that won't biodegrade for another 200 years, getting bull-dozed into the ground and probably seeping into our water systems.... YUCK! Not to mention the toll it takes on our environment in general with just the material of the diapers.

Third, my baby is soooo cute with her big old puffy butt!

Now, I'm NOT saying that you're a bad person if you use disposables. I am just saying we didn't want to continue to contribute to that sort of waste. My husband is more in it for the cost-effectiveness but he does agree that it is such a waste and a huge harm to the environment. I'm more of the activist in general but I too am loving the cost-effectiveness of the cloth diapers.

Oh, and did I mention my 3 month old has now used the potty about 10 times or so since we started cloth diapering? We are sort of infant potty training her and we take her in and hold her over the potty every time we change her diaper. My 2 year old son has only gone maybe once on the potty! Granted, I don't know if the baby can actually understand yet what she's doing but I believe it's just like house-training a puppy...they get it after a little bit.

So, I bought this really cute cover that has froggies on it and I have a lavender one and a baby blue one..oh and this other really cute one that is blue and has multi-colored dots that line up to make circles. And, oh my gosh, I have never smelled a better scent than the clean smell of a diaper right out of the dryer!


Mary Palkovic said...

Welcome to the other side :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of cloth diapers are you using? I want to convert!

Rebecca said...

I got my cloth diapers from I mainly use the cloth-eez pre-folds but have some snug-to-fit one-size. The snug-to-fit are a little more expensive but I would like to get more at some point, my hubby likes those better and they are a little quicker, shaped just like a disposable. He still doesn't have the hang of the pre-folds, or at least he says he doesn't, but he does a pretty good job IMO. Not like he changes many diapers anyway!!