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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Invisible World, A Book Review

I have been waiting to do this review until I got a copy in the mail to do a free give-away as well but alas, the extra copy has not come yet and I just can't wait any longer! I really wanted to share this book with you so that you could glean from it as much knowledge, insight and awe as I did! So I'm offering my own copy of this book as the free give-away.

But first, the review:

The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons And The Spiritual Realities That Surround Us is a Christian book written by the very talented Anthony DeStefano. This amazing little gem has ten very simple-to-read, thought-provoking chapters. With titles like The Haunt Detector, Invisible Helpers, Invisible Evil and The Invisible Power of Suffering, you can automatically assume just from looking at the table of contents that Mr. DeStefano has some powerful and deeply-thought ideas and truths to express within.

The Invisible World is written based on traditional Christian teaching and relates powerful truths in a way that helps us to understand our beliefs and their origins- including the first sin, the fall of man and of Satan, and how it all intertwines to create the invisible spiritual world which not only circles our own lives but folds itself into the layers, rooting deep meaning and matter into our existence. This amazing book gives us a glimpse into the very real battle for our souls which we cannot see, how it affects us on a daily basis, God's infinite grace, and life after death. In a tangible way, it explains what our soul is, its purpose and value, and what God's plan for each of us is.

Mr. DeStefano leaves nothing out, answering many of the questions we Christians often find ourselves asking like "Why is God invisible?" "What is the point of suffering?" and "What happens after we die?" One thing I loved is that he provided personal anecdotes from his own life to convey his ideas and draw the reader into his message. My favorite of these was when he wrote about his Italian grandmother who suffered through life in a great way, silently, turning to prayer for her family as her strength- and how it affected his family lineage to the point where, even though he and his siblings grew up without a religious background, somehow found their way to God's path for their lives. It was in this anecdote that he explained how the prayerful suffering of someone who lived long before they did somehow manifested itself in their lives in such a way that brought them to God. He calls it redemptive suffering. She suffered for the sake of others, for her family, even the ones she would never know.

The final chapter, entitled Seeing The Invisible gives us simple guidelines and great encouragement to seek the ability to view this invisible world, not with our human eyes but with the eyes of our souls. Mr. DeStefano makes a promise that our lives will be forever-changed once we take his suggested steps, and start asking our heavenly Father to reveal this invisible world to us in that manner. I highly recommend this book as not only a very good and insightful read, but as a stepping stone to help us reach the full potential He has planned for our lives; to learn to live according to God's will, to see things the way He wants us to see them and to serve Him and others in this world so we can be with Him in the next. I am so privileged to have been solicited for a review of this work and to be able to pass it on to you!

So with that, I will now offer a free give-away of the book The Invisible World by Anthony DeStefano. In order to win, you must leave a comment here specifically about your thoughts on the spiritual world. I will put in a hat the names of everyone who commented and have my oldest daughter draw one out on Monday, May 9. Good luck to each and everyone of you! And, if you don't win, I encourage you to buy a copy and read this wonderful book!


Katie Rose said...

I won't make my comment too long. But I do want to mention that I feel the presence of angels sometimes. I believe that God sends us help from above at times we are most vulnerable. Strangely enough, I feel the presence of demons at the times I am most "pure". (specifically after confession). I think this is Satan's way of trying to break that bond with God again.

Rebecca said...

I totally agree with you, Katie! I am pretty sure Mr. DeStefano mentions something about the demons and the temptation to sit seemingly more pronounced at those times.

Rebecca said...

oops, *sin* not *sit*!