Children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb, a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children born in one's youth. Blessed are they whose quivers are full. They will never be shamed contending with foes at the gate. ~Psalm 127:3-5

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Will The Real Pro-Lifer Please Stand Up?!

Unborn child, 8 weeks gestation.
"Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor."
Truth in every instance you can think of.  We tell our children that if they see another child being bullied, they should speak up for them or at the very least, tell an adult - seek help.  Yet we often don't carry that lesson across the span of our own lives, in our experiences of injustice. 
I know a number of people who call themselves pro-life yet do nothing to own it.  Nothing.  They're too lazy, or fear upsetting someone, or don't want to rock the boat in any way.  But pro-life doesn't just mean we believe in the sanctity of human life from the moment of natural conception until natural death, but that we answer the call to do our part to protect it.
Now I'm not saying we should all run out and join a pro-life organization and donate tons of time to the cause....unless of course you are capable of such a thing and have felt called to that.  But what I am saying is that there should be more of an effort to fight the culture of death in which we now live.  Contemplating and discussing with others the fundamental right to life that EVERY human being deserves is a good start.  Educate yourself on what exactly happens during an abortion, the stages of a baby's development in the womb, the after-effects of an abortion on both the mother and the father.  As Christians, we are all called to stand up for the least of God's people.  Unborn babies are at the top of that list.  They have no defense.  They can't do anything but exist and hope that the protective environment God gifted them with will not be a hostile one.  There are so many people actively standing up for Satan and his work; why then are there so few of us standing up for God and His?
Unborn child, 12 weeks gestation
Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the infamous decision in the court case, Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion. In the forty years since, over 50 million babies have been tragically lost to the violence of abortion.  It's a staggering number to think about, especially when linking it to anything so heinous, and yet, every day, every moment that abortion remains legal, that number will climb.  All in the name of choice.  There are so many women out there wandering around without a clue of what the truth of life really is.  Some are led astray into very dark places where they feel their only answer is to abort a child they weren't planning on having.  And it's our duty to help them back to the light, help them see the truth.  It's our calling.  We are the chosen and we are meant to help lead others to Christ.  That doesn't happen by merely stating that we are pro-life and then doing nothing to mirror that in our lives.  Knowing the truth of life and not spreading it is like having one of the greatest gifts you could possibly ever have and not sharing it with others.
So what else does that mirroring look like?  Well, it looks like offering our hearts in any way we can to a woman in crisis.  It means taking time to educate others on abortion and the alternatives that are out there which do not take a life or cause harm to a woman and her family.  It means giving a loving response to someone who comes to us with the news of an abortion or the idea of having one.  It means not judging, but simply bringing them to the truth, to comfort and safety and the forgiveness that only God can give.  It means helping them take steps to rebuild their life and shift their focus to surviving and living in the name of Christ.  It means praying.  Constantly.  It doesn't mean being on the fence, nor does it mean remaining silent.  For if you do either, you might as well be on the other side, fighting the fight for Satan's cause.
I was a little disappointed yesterday while on Facebook as I noticed that some of my friends who are SO vocal on their FB page about so many other things, were completely silent about this subject.  People who call themselves pro-life.  People who are Christians.  Not that it matters if I'm disappointed because I am nobody. I humbly admit to that.  But something, anything to mark this sad occasion and try to start even just one person back down the path of truth and light, was definitely in order.  Ok, so maybe in real life they did do something and I don't know about it.  If that's true, GREAT!  I think that the social outlet of FB can reach a lot of people in a relatively short and easy way and is a good tool to utilize for things like this.  I mean, we post about breast cancer, depression, shootings, crime, Obama, taxes, immigration and other things.  Why not post about this?  Why not use our efforts to draw people's focus to defeating the number one killer of human beings in this world: abortion?  How are we to do that if we are silent?  If we do nothing?  
I get it.  At least I think I do. I get that it's difficult in this 'it's all about me and I can do whatever I want and you can't tell me that I'm wrong because that means you're judging me' world which we live in, to have any sort of level of integrity when it comes to standing up in the face of adversity and oppression.  It is so hard to walk that thin line between being judgmental and just wanting to spread the truth; a truth which is not only good for me or you, but for everyone in the world, as it is like a ripple.  When the people around us know the truth, the world is a better place.  When we don't speak the truth (in love) and keep silent because it's just easier, we are failing.  Miserably.  As someone who has been berated on a regular basis from one person or another for speaking that truth, being called judgmental or controlling or [insert any other word here which takes focus off of the one actually doing something wrong], I have a really difficult time continuing my path and doing the difficult task of spreading the truth. I want people to like me. I don't like stirring the pot.  But, thank God that along with knowing the truth comes the strength and fortitude it takes to spread it because while I have been knocked down quite a few times on this path, I have also been lifted back up in order to keep going.  Because in the end, it doesn't matter if one single person on this earth likes me.  It doesn't matter if the pot has been stirred and is bubbling all over me in a searing hot mess.  What matters is that I am doing what God has asked me to do.  So if I make it to the gates of heaven all beaten up, hated and without a friend in the world yet I accomplished this monumental task He has placed before me, that is all that matters.
Because I am a true pro-lifer.  I believe in not only the sanctity of human life, the value in God's creation of it, and the calling to DO something to protect it, but I believe in the fact that when we are saving the life of an unborn baby, we are saving the life - and soul - of that baby's mother.  Eternal life is definitely a cause we can all stand up for.

For You formed my inward parts;
You wove me in my mother’s womb.
I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Wonderful are Your works,
And my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;
Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
And in Your book were all written
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them.

Psalm 139:13-16 NASB